Voicethread in the Classroom – Getting Started

Vociethread is web2.0 colloboraton tool that allows you to make comments on a sequence of media (video, image, audio)

In classroom setting it allows all members to have their own say on discussion topics and learning that is happening.

Below is a video tutorial that outlines how to sign up for a Free Educator Account for Voicethread.  This is good place to start for your Voicethread experience.

Voicethread Educator Account for Teachers in Classrooms from Tom Wursthorn on Vimeo.

The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution Ning

I would like to bring to your attention a resource that I see as being particularly informative and useful in the use of IWBs in teaching and learning.

The resource is called a Ning.  A Ning is social networking site builder (like a mini facebook but has a specific focus\topic\etc)}
In this case the title of the ning is “The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution”. http://iwbrevolution.ning.com/

The ning was created to coincide with the launch of a book of the same title http://url.edna.edu.au/dw7v
The book goes into depth about how the IWB can have a massive impact on the learning of students but to achieve this there needs to be a change in thinking of how we use the IWB. It states that as users of IWBs we need to be careful not to just fall into the trap or mindset of using an IWB as a ‘glorified, fancy blackboard’.

What is great about this site is that it starts conversations about IWB usage and give opportunities for teachers and alike to engage in this conversation.  I highly recommend you join the ning and read the introducation http://iwbrevolution.ning.com/notes
This site also makes inroads into looking at the pedagogy behind IWBs, an area that I believe will setup the sustainable and effective use IWB in our classrooms

This type of resource can be a very effective way of engaging in PD for IWB as it provides learning opportunities for all abilities and stages of learning for teachers.

I would be interested in hearing feedback from people about ning after you have a chance to explore.

Kahootz 3 – Starting points

Just as a follow up to a recent staff meeting I presented on Kahootz I have put together a brief summary of what was covered.

1.  Kahootz 3 very easy to use, much better usability that its predecessor, Kahootz 2

2.  To start chn learning skills required to create projects in Kahootz go to the teacher resources section of the Kahootz website. http://www.kahootz.com/kz/template/home%2CResources_intro_k3.vm Here you will find Step by Step instructions that teach the chn the skills and functions of Kahootz.  This resource is a perfect inclusion in your classroom reading program.

3.  Once chn have worked there way through these activities they should be at a point where they can start to think about some of their own creations.  To further support Kahootz skill development use the following resource (again your Reading program is a great opportunity to facilitate this)  http://www.kahootz.com/kz/template/home%2CActivities.vm?navitem=common%2Factivities

4. The next step would be using Kahootz to create presentation from beginning to end.  Again the Kahootz website provides some excellent resources in facilitating this.

Good luck.  I would love to hear about feedback of other experiences using Kahootz 3 in the classroom

Back to school…..

Well this last week or so I have been slowly ramping up the effort of getting ready to return to another school year.

2008 holds a few fresh challenges for me. I am taking up a new teaching position at St Bede’s North Balwyn. As well as a new school I am teaching Grade 6 and I have leadership position of ICT coordinator,all of which I have not done before.

I must admit that this last week I have been asking myself was it the best decision to move from my previous school. I have been extremely nervous about the unknowns with any new change and have found myself thinking that “better the devil you do know than the one you don’t!!” 😉 However I do remember feeling the same way when I first started teaching 3 years ago and I know that the feelings of anxiety and nervousness will pass.

I have been welcomed and supported warmly by the staff at St Bede’s and I am looking forward to meeting my students and their families.